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Davor Mucić

is a pioneer of telepsychiatry in Europe, with over 20 years of clinical experience

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Besides being the father of the “Transcultural Telepsychiatry”, he is also the founder of the world’s first international telepsychiatric service


dr davor mucic presenting his book E mental health
Dr Mucić on the presentation of his book ”e-Mental Health”

Pioneering telepsychiatry projects launched in Little Prince Treatment Center in Denmark, accompanied by numerous scientific articles, have formed Davor Mucić into an expert who has a broad and deep understanding and competence in terms of knowledge, skills and experience gained through practice and education in the field of telepsychiatry. He will be remembered as the creator of a completely new model in the assessment and treatment of migrants. “Transcultural Telepsychiatry” enables remote “ethnic matching” and eliminates the use of interpreters in clinical work with migrants who do not speak the language of the host country.

The world-renowned promoter of telepsychiatry, Davor Mucić, launched the world’s first, pioneering, international telepsychiatric service, connecting therapists in Sweden with patients in Denmark back in 2005.

The combination of clinical and scientific work aimed at improving mental health care for ethnic minorities, ie. asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, resulted in a series of groundbreaking telepsychiatry-related articles alongside the publication of the edited scientific bestseller e-Mental Health”. Davor Mucić is awarded the WPA 2020. Honorary Member Award and is the first Ph.D. in telepsychiatry in Europe.

e-Mental Health

Here you can purchase the book

Training and Education

DM provides education and training to staff on the basics of telepsychiatry, equipment selection, and distance counseling

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